Indoor Plant Decor: Revitalize your home interior with a touch of green

Nowadays everyone is in a rush. There ain’t no time for our generation to sit back and relax. Being a part of all this we’ve wilted down ourselves and transformed our human life into a robotic life. There is all this construction and development crashing down trees and farms on such a large scale that we’ve already forgotten what divine benefits Mother Nature was providing us. It’s a shame for the whole world here.

WELL not going to continue the topic of wrecking nature anymore, let’s leave that for another day (grinning) 😉 what I’m going to tell you today is on how to get yourself close to nature by adding the greenery to your home. Yess! INDOOR PLANTS DÈCOR

What PLANTS do to your life?

  • Makes your body calm physically and mentally
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Bring positive vibes
  • Makes your house more welcoming and lively
  • Adds color to your house
  • Enhance the interior of your house


There are so many ways that you can include plants into your home decor.



For the living rooms  you can add a green tint here and there. Go for the perfect and imperfect selection of pots. Use baskets or IKEA golden pots to place your favorite Plants, to add a contrast to the interior of the living room. In addition you can make cutouts in your false separation wall at the top and add planters and frames or candles to give it a dramatic look.

Installation of planters on the side tables, or featuring the window wall as a greenery emphatic section can bring a beautiful difference to your lounge. Below is an aesthetic depiction of indoor decor of plants.

Mesmerizing room interior decorating ideas home plants as living room design

Living room


BEDROOM is the space that empowers sanctity and tranquility. A unique selection of pots and plants in a jute basket will give your bedroom a vintage look. Adding plants in your bedroom can instantly change your atmosphere and give you a fresh feeling.



If you add slender pots containing upright flowers and double toned leaves, it can add color to your dining table thus making the food more appealing and the DINING ROOM more creative. Mason jars on the runner of the dining table will give your table a distinguished look. Again put some candles on the table.

IMG_20170314_225958Dining room


While you’re in a working mode, plants and flowers will keep your mind fresh and active. Hanging plants such as creepers or ferns can beautify your STUDY ROOM. On the shelves or side tables create a green happy corner with resilient plants.                                                                  IMG_20170314_200151Study room


The KITCHEN is your happy space. It is more important that the plants you insert in your kitchen are both functional as well as creative. So a vertical garden would be the best idea so that you can use the herbs that are growing in your kitchen’a vertical garden. Make sure to place it where the sunlight is optimal.



Your BATHROOM could use some freshness too. The plants will not only beautify your bathroom, also they will constantly purify the air. You can add flower pots like pink or yellow to create your own personalized style.



Incorporating accent wall in your ENTRY WAY will look ravishing. You can add stone or wood and create a pleasing scene by putting all sorts of sizes of plants to make a lovely impression. Instead you can also use a large plant to fill the corner space.

IMG_20170315_172702Entry way/lobby


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