Living room makeover


Yass! Today is the day. Get up and think of it. Where do you spend 90% of your time at home. Yesss the living room aka lounge.

Give it a makeover guys. Shed some light on the part of your home you’re mostly swaying around. There could be a million things you can do with it to give some life.
So here goes some really handy tips that you could adopt in a flash and adore forever:
– Lighting:
The most important part of any area should be lighting. And for the day you should ensure some real healthy sunlight filling up your living room. Windows should be treated with blinds along with the curtains so during the daytime you could easily Knott the curtains and glide up the blinds for the best source.
While for the night time you must use quality Standing lamps, hanging lights(i’ll do a complete blog on hanging lights later, because they’re my personal favorite😇) led lights, spot lights etc to enlighten the space.

– Color selection:
It’s a very queasy one. You should always put energetic colors to your living room and to complement that you can add receding colors for a perfect balance. In the image above you can witness a perfect balance of both.

– Storage:
No matter which place you’re treating make sure you make it functional along with decorative. For this you should use such furniture which has multiple storage spaces whether it’s a table or a sofa.
These are the three basic rules that you should keep in mind while doing a makeover of your living room/lounge.
Hope you do it well, and do hit back with your makeovers.


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