Company’s profile

Protentus File.jpgPORTENTOUS is a design consultancy firm in Pakistan established in 2011. We started with the focus on the interior design but we moved into other designing domains that helped us to work in multi disciplines.

We are inspired by the idea of WORLD AS A GLOBAL VILLAGE so virtual reality is our most focused area of work. We believe that these days with telecommunication spread in our lives and our cell phones have become integral part of us. They are used from simple calls to making payments of all types. There is untapped clientele available in the virtual market. These days content marketing and Social Media Services are one of the otherside of the same picture.

It is our believe that nothing can work without careful planning, executed with honesty, true feedback or observation systems to pick the misguided vibes to fine tune the process of transparent communication.

We stress upon strong communication systems to help us develop life long relationships with our clients. We take pride to showcase our work ethics as the running blood in the company. We are determined to lead in the designing consultancy business through honesty, hard work and passionate professionalism.

Our strengths as a Designing Firm:

  • We take up every project with serious commitment and work on it like it is our own. We then use our four designing process stages to develop a plan for the project.
  • Our team will be focused on the project and delivers the results to match with our clients satisfaction.
  • We are trained and have developed first hand knowledge of the designing. We know our work and its limitations.
  • We set transparent communication throughout the life of the project.
  • We do our work with dedication and determination to excel in whatever we take up under our wings.
  • Time-bound and timely delivery of the projects.

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